It’s hurricane season once again and if you find yourself in those hurricane ridden states such as Florida or New Orleans, it’s important that you have everything when you’re ready to hit the evacuation routes.  As you probably already know, you’re not going to be the only one on the road.  In fact, you’re going to be sharing the road with thousands of others that want to get to their safety zone.  Here are some things you should know when you’re ready to hit the road before a hurricane.

Know your evacuation route- Before you even leave your house, make sure you know where you’re going.  All states usually have evacuation routes located on their website.  Once you’re on the road, you’ll know where the routes are because of the traffic and signs that are permanently placed on the roadside.  Here are some state websites you can look at for routes -

Prepare your car – When you’re ready to hit the traffic, it’s important that that you have a car filled with particular supplies and it’s also important you have your car ready for the trip.  Here’s what you should do to ensure you have a safe trip to your evacuation point:

  1. Full tank of gas:  A full tank of gas is important because you’ll want to make as little stops as possible.
  2. Important documents:  Make sure your car has all of the important documents such as registration, your insurance.  This will help you if you get pulled over for any reason.
  3. Have a spare tire:  If one of your tires go bad, you’ll want a spare tire.  If you don’t, you’re going to be out of luck because you can’t rely on a tow truck to get to you.
  4. Bring cash:  Cash is any one’s friend and if you need it for some reason, you’ll have it.

Know how to drive efficently – When you’re out on the road, you’re going to be doing a lot of stopping and going.  It’s important that when you stop for long periods of times that you turn your car off and have the windows down.  If you find yourself stopping for an extneded period of time with the car running, you’re going to burn unwanted gas.  Like I mentioned above, you’re going to want to burn as little gas as possible.

Preparing your car for a hurricane isn’t that hard to do, just make sure that you’re prepared for the stress and traffic that comes along with it.